“Ride, captain ride, upon your mystery ship, On your way, to a world, that others might have missed.”

-Blood, Sweat & Tears

Your Route

This year’s route includes some new twists and some annual favorites. Our start/finish location is in the Fallbrook Neighborhood on the Northwest edge of Lincoln. We will traverse a counter-clockwise routes which touches the counties of Lancaster, Saunders, Butler, and Seward.

The Ohio PCL Chapter President (who has accurate GPS software for elevation) sent us the graphic above with this communication

“Ouch…11,000+ feet of gain. Nebraska is not flat…”

The mapmyride.com plot of the route shows just over 5,100 feet of climbing. We are guessing that it will be somewhere in between, and most likely closer to 9,000 vertical feet of elevation gain.

The course will not be marked! You must navigate yourself using the cue sheets/GPS.

GPX and TCX Files

GPX File Download :: TCX File Download

If you are using a Garmin (or similar) for your primary navigation, you will want to download one (or both) of these files and upload it/them onto your device. Due to the late confirmation regarding safe passage on some of the roads along the route, we have not tested the integrity or accuracy of these exact files. (We had to switch the route, which required publishing new GPX and TCX files). They are accurate to the best of our knowledge, but it would be wise to carry cues (on paper or a digital PDF) for a second reference.

The files were generated from this mapmyride plotting of the course. It provides a good visual of the roads in use (as does the map to the upper right of this text).

Your Cue Sheets

Cue Sheet Download

If you want cue sheets you will need to print your own. We will have a limited number of cue sheets at the Rider Check-in.

Above is an example of the cue sheets. Please be familiar with how to read and navigate with these cue sheets. We have done our best to provide accurate directional arrows and prompts to guide your way. Please pay close attention to each road sign while you pass through an intersection during the event. Some small details such as N 27th versus NW 27th can get you way off course and lost.

Below are some notations on the cues regarding Oasis’, Checkpoints and Powerball stops.



You are required to sign-in; you will receive a pipe cleaner as proof of passage. Water and snacks are available. These checkpoints are manned by volunteers and sponsors who are gracious to help you on your voyage, any displays of less than complete gratitude will be considered treason and dealt with accordingly.

There are three (3) mandatory checkpoints on this year’s route:

  1. Garland Township – Mile 51.9
    at the ball fields, just West of 196th and Mill Roads
  2. Rokeby Road / Yankee Hill Lake – Mile 86.3
    sponsored by Joyride Bicycles
  3. Schmidty’s Aunt & Uncle’s – Mile 121.2
    The nicest people on the high seas. Thank them, they’ve been aboard for every voyage. Pepe Love of Pepe’s Bistro will have his usual amazing fare.



There are six (6) optional Oasis’ to help you along your journey

  1. Valparaiso – Mile 31.0
    The convenience store at the corner of Hwy 79 and Main / Second Street will be open for trade.
  2. Reinkordt Family Farm – Mile 71.2
    The hosts of the two previous start/finishes of Gravel Worlds have again opened their premises for encouragement and replenishment. If you venture to their locale, you must turn slightly off-course. turning East (left) on Pioneers Boulevard, rather than West (right), as your normal course would take you.
  3. The Roca Bar – Mile 97.7
    In the tiny Hamlet of Roca, the Roca Bar opens their doors to your needs. In addition to their year-round sidewalk cooler of ice-water, they’ve stocked up on snacks and drinks to fuel your voyage.
  4. Hickman – Mile 101.4
    A perennial Powerball stop in voyages past, the convenience store on the Northeast corner of S 68th and Hickman Road will have essential greasy pizza, processed food and sugar choices a-plenty.
  5. The Brown Family Farm – Mile 112.8
    2012 Gravel Worlds Women’s Champion and her family, the Browns, have opened their quarters on the prairie, located just after setting sail from Bennet, in the interest of your replenishment.
  6. Schmidty’s Aunt & Uncle – Mile 121.2
    The nicest crew on the open seas. This vittles on this year’s final Oasis will be stocked by Pepe Love of Pepe’s Bistro. He’ll have vegetarian fare to get you home. Thank him, thank them, thank them all.



There is one (1) mandatory Powerball stop on this year’s route

  1. Malcolm General Store – Mile 61.2
    These people are regulars on our excursions and are friends of PCL. Mutiny on their shores will be dealt with swiftly and severely. You are required to purchase a Nebraska Powerball ticket as proof of passage. This is the biggest day of their year, treat them well. (And Lippy’s Barbecue is open in the cove to the West in case your sustenance-and weakness for pork-is in question).